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What is Personal Football Coaching?

Our Personal Football Coaching program is designed to improve the technical components of a player’s game on a 121 basis. Our Personal Football Coaching Program is available to players across Hertfordshire, Essex and London. Over the years, our training program has been used by hundreds of players from the UK and abroad. Fusion Football’s client base includes many academy and current Premier League players. Our methods are tried, tested and proven…

Why Us?

Our Personal Football Training program is like no other. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a totally unique training program, for every individual player. Although football is a team sport, we believe it’s the individuals who create game defining moments. With this in mind, we custom every aspect of a players game to allow them to shine at the highest level. Our vision is simple. We aim to improve all of our players technically; to be comfortable in possession, to dominate the opposition, to be more skilful and to surpass their current potential.

Personal Football Coaching- 10,000 Touches a session.

When we hear people talk about “player development” we rarely feel it’s fully understood. But we know that it takes expert coaching, dedication, hard work and repetition and lots of it! During a typical session with us a player should aim to touch the ball around 10,000 times. It is proven that increasing the amount of touches during a sessions leads to advanced patterns of play and technique, which therefore makes game situations simpler.

A typical session with us is always high in tempo, technically challenging and extremely motivating for every player. We tweak each session to push every aspect of your training to the edge. Our training sessions are devised using the most up to date research, the most high tech training equipment, in the best facilities and under the supervision of the most experienced staff.

Quality Vs Quantity.

There is no two ways about it, quality is always King. Yes we focus on amount of touches per session, but we strongly believe that this should not be at the expense of quality. Improvement only occurs with correct rehearsed, proper technique. We believe in not making a habit of bad habits!

Our track record

Those who know us and our players recognise that we develop the best players around. We are proud to say that we have developed a unique system that works. We have helped over 50 player’s bridge the gap into academy football and have helped countless amounts of players who just want to improve. We also provide support to professional players currently playing in the top 5 tiers of the game. You can hear more about our success stories by clicking here.

Our staff:

Fusion Football is made up of 4 staff. Head Coach and Owner of Fusion football, Alex Maton, has 15 years experience working with elite players of all ages and abilities. In addition there is various other staff and support staff that makes up our team. Fusion Football’s Trainers and Staff are people who love the game and take it seriously. We want all our players to make real progress in the game, to excel beyond measure. That’s why we employ the best Personal Football Trainers and Staff. You can read more about their profiles by clicking here.

Personal Football Coaching Availability

We have a very small intake of players who we work with on a 121 basis. Our focus is always on quality and individual contact time with the coach as much as possible. Our sessions are available for ALL PLAYERS regardless of ability. All we ask is for a strong desire to work hard. Please contact us to discuss training availability. Or check out our YouTube page by clicking here.


People who we would recommend taking our Personal Football Coaching Sessions:

  • Academy Players
  • Professional Players
  • Players involved in Scholarship programs
  • Released Players
  • Aspiring Elite Players
  • Footballers who have aspirations of playing professionally
  • Players who share our energy, vision and
  • Individuals of lower ability that want to improve



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Personal Football Coaching is a development program designed to improve the technical components of a player’s game.
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