(Last Updated On: May 12, 2019)

The Fitlight Trainer™ & 1 to 1 Football Coaching

We are pleased to announce that we will be using The Fitlight Trainer™ System across all our Group sessions and 1 to 1 Football Coaching sessions. The FITLIGHT Trainer™ System is perfectly suited for intense physical exercise, with metrics to create performance benchmarks. Uniquely the FITLIGHT Trainer™ is highly used in the American sports, but notably in adverts featuring Steph Curry. It is a great piece of kit that we are adding to group and 1 to 1 Football Coaching sessions.

Why are we using the FITLIGHT Trainer™?

Flexibility and individuality. The FITLIGHT Trainer™ allows us to create the most specific individual training programs for players taking part in our 1 to 1 Football Coaching sessions. Performance indicators in the modern game such as; reaction time, speed, agility, and acceleration can be easily measured and trained using the FITLIGHT Trainer™. Additionally, for us, it gives us the ability to design specific conditioning drills and programs that mimic actual movements during the game, which is highly advantageous.

Importance of Feedback

Attributes related to athletic ability and fluidity of movement can be captured with real-time accurate measurements with the FITLIGHT Trainer™. This is another key reason, we are rolling out the FITLIGHT Trainer™ across all our small group training and 1 to 1 football coaching sessions. Data is uploaded automatically online after each saved session. Training data is quickly and easily accessed online giving users the freedom to view, analyze, compare and export as they see fit. Once data is captured it allows us to help devise suitable training programs so our players improve quicker. This amazing piece of kit has the ability to take your game to the next level no matter your position.




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