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Futsal Coach
Futsal Coach

Futsal Coach Reveals why Futsal is Great for Player Development.


When Futsal was created in 1930, its purpose was to provide a fun recreation game that could be enjoyed indoor or outdoor. 89 years later, Futsal has become an actual game with organized league formats of its very own. Futsal now has its very own world cup, and even has a UEFA Futsal champions league. It has also become a very useful resource for both coaches and players who are looking to perfect their tactics and improve their skills respectively. Futsal teams are now bigger and better with most teams employing a full-time futsal coach.  

Many football experts, futsal coaches, and players have cited futsal’s physical and technical demands as the game’s defining qualities that make it such a perfect learning curve for players hoping to improve their all-round skills. It is no wonder why more young footballers are now turning to futsal training to aid their football development. To better understand the benefits of Futsal, Alex Maton Futsal Coach at Fusion Football reveals a few reasons the 5-a-side game is great for player development.

Futsal Coach Alex Maton’s Top 4 benefits of Futsal Training:

  • It Helps Players Improve individual dribbling skills: It is common knowledge that Brazil is home to some of the most skillful footballers in the world. Futsal legend Alessandro Rosa Vieira, popularly known as Falcao once granted an interview that gave a lot more insight on how much futsal has aided many Brazilian soccer players to become who they are today. Falcao, who is a friend to Brazilian soccer star, Neymar, declared that futsal has helped players like Neymar, Robinho, Ronaldo, Kaka, and other Brazilian footballers to become great players. Futsal is a game that is largely skills based. With a smaller pitch and fewer players compared to soccer, Futsal players are able to express themselves and try out things they normally would deem too risky to do on a soccer pitch. This is why players who participate in futsal training posses a more robust skill-set to players who do not.
  • It is Perfect for Young Footballers: Once upon a time, the best players horned their footballing skills playing street soccer at a young age. With or without academy football, kids would go on for hours, playing with their friends and having a great time while at it. The more they played, the better they got and soon enough, they were being offered scholarships and signing professional contracts for big clubs. Today, more kids are opting to stay behind their PlayStations and smartphones as opposed to playing football on the streets. What this means is that young footballers are spending less time practicing, which does no favors in terms of developing individual technical and tactical attributes of the game. However, futsal training changes everything. Like street soccer, futsal provides a more relaxed environment with fewer rules and more focus on getting the players to just play. Futsal presents a safer environment for young players to enjoy the doggedness and sheer fun that made street football such a strong asset to young footballers in the past.
  • Improves a Team’s Tactical Proficiency: Futsal has proven to be incredibly helpful to coaches who are trying to instill tactical discipline in their teams. Many football coaches insist on practicing tactical moves on a futsal court because of its advantageous spatial interaction. Also, some top soccer coaches have exported certain futsal tactics and principles into their team play. A few futsal coaches pointed to certain elements in Pep Guardiola’s tactical play including winger isolation for 1vs1 and playing between lines in opposition’s defense as core futsal principles. Futsal is just as beneficial to perfecting team tactics as it is to individual tactical awareness. The speed of the game and the quick decisions players have to make in-game improves their overall tactical intelligence.
  • Improving Composure and Control: Composure and efficient control of the ball are special skills that footballers require to succeed. Midfielders like David Silva and Andreas Iniesta who exert incredible close control on the ball are able to dominate opponents who are stronger and bigger in size because of their ball technique. Controlling the ball effectively is not something footballers casually pick up on a training ground. It takes plenty of hours of practicing with the ball and getting comfortable with having it between their feet. Unfortunately, many young footballers just do not get enough time working with the ball at their academies. To compliment for the limited time for individual development, futsal is the perfect solution. With only 8 outfield players on the pitch, each futsal footballer gets to touch the ball almost 4 times as often as he would on a normal soccer pitch with 22 players. More time on the ball means players are able to exert more control on the ball and on the field of play in general.

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