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About Our 1 To 1 Football Training Program!

Fusion Football is not just a training provider. We are more than that. We’re a family of like-minded, highly experienced coaches. We come together daily to inspire, challenge, and motivate players to do more. To become more! To max out each day. Each session. Each season. To achieve the results previously deemed impossible! Thanks to our constantly enhanced 1To1 Football Training program, devised by head Coach Alex Maton, our players will find a system which is the most challenging ever.

Our staff are extremely motivated, we will be right by your side encouraging and advising you throughout your entire journey. We customize each training program to meet every player’s needs. We are well aware that each and every player we work with attributes us to having a huge impact on their success. We only work with 30 players on a weekly basis! Some would think this is a small number, we think this is the one of the most important aspects of our program. We keep our intake small and our quality high.

Our Personal Football Coaching and Small Group Training sessions provide every player the most comprehensive development system possible. We take every players game and supercharge it! We use five state of the art 5G Astroturf pitches across Hertfordshire and Essex. We train with the best equipment, from mannequins, to speed testing equipment, we have all the resources to develop your game to the highest level. Let us help you to become a better player. Let us empower the new player of tomorrow!


Have you ever wanted to train like a pro? Fusion Football makes it possible to have a professional football training program, which is tailored by design. It doesn’t matter what your training goals are! Our sessions are structured entirely to you. We work to a vision; we work to see our player’s perform at the highest level possible… So whether you’re training to improve your passing, shooting, 1v1s, of physical components like agility, our sessions will help you progress to the next level. Our programs will make your game better than ever before. Fusion Football training programs are designed to help every player to be more creative, technical and physically superior. Our training programs make the perfect application for any committed player!

During a regular Personal Football Training session with us, a player can have over 6000 touches of the ball… A normal session at a professional club, players touch the ball around 300 times. We increase this by 200%. Small Group Training is also a great way to see accelerated learning opportunities with other players. We use both Fitlight and PlayerTec testing equipment in our sessions and we can safely say that, our players engage in more; high speed running phases, quick changes of direction and endurance activities compared to regular training programs. The game is evolving! Its becoming quicker, more physical and more technical than ever before. It’s time to start evolving. Start your training program today….

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